Leneai Stuart

Creative – Planning – Organization – Life Balance

My curiosity and desire to learn have made for lots of research and quite a few hobbies. Many of which have led to great opportunities that have shaped my life and career.

I’ve always been drawn to helping others in any way I can. For the last 5 years this has mostly been through digital marketing and office management for local small businesses.

More recently, I’ve shared ideas for creating balance in life on my podcast, Collective Balance. This incorporates my love of communication in many ways, with all of my hobbies that help to create balance in my life, collectively.

From mental health to physical health, I’ve explored many depths of self-healing as well as the use of plant-based products to help these processes. The Earth, like the human mind and body, is an amazing fascinating thing that has a lot of power to heal. We often forget or don’t fully understand our bodies abilities or the power of plants.

I take on life with a pen in one hand and notebook in the other; making lists, jotting down notes, and setting intentions.

If you’d like to work together on a project, reach out!


I received my Bachelors degree in Communications from Salem State University where I majored in journalism and minored in business and photography. Working as the Photography Editor and later the Editor-in-Chief of the campus newspaper, The Salem State Log, I did everything from newspaper layout to writing, editing, website design, and managing a team of 10.

I went on to intern at The Bridge Cape Ann, a local company from my home town that aims to bridge the community to the local businesses through events and social media. Upon college graduation, I was hired as the first employee where I worked on email campaigns, social media strategy, photo and video production, event planning, and graphic design.

I’ve done a variety of freelance digital marketing work over the last 5 years, as well as business management. I recently decided to take on freelance full-time while I continue to grow my education in nutrition and share my love of finding happiness in life through balance.

For a year and a half prior to making this decision, I worked as the Operations Manager for classic film restoration and distribution company, The Film Detective. I managed a small team that did a lot of high-stakes work year round. I served as head of marketing, graphic design, and video management – overseeing all projects from idea to completion. I took inventory lists of thousands, many files of important data, and a plethora of projects, and created simplified and organized systems and standards that are crucial to success.